I am a wife, mother of five and author. Mostly I write paranormal, zombie and fairytale fiction, but who knows I could write something without a supernatural element someday.

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Order Signed Books!


For a limited time, you can place an order for any of the books I have available in print. They will be signed and you will get an extra book card with them.

PLEASE NOTE: The order for the books will be placed on June 30th, then they have to get here and I have to sign, package and mail.

I was going to put up pay pal buttons, but that would be a lot of buttons all over the page and might be even more confusing because each different book needs a different button for each country. So, the best way is going to be to email me
Jennichad217 AT gmail DOT com
and we can get your order placed. You can also message me on Facebook.

Here are the prices

Keeper vs Reaper: 12.00
Savior : 12.00
The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter Collection: Parts 1-6 (one book) 10.00
The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter Individual collection of prints (1-6) 30.00

The shipping will vary depending on which country you live in and how many books you order. But,1 book in the US is $5.00
Just message me and we can get it figured out. I have the shipping prices for other countries too.